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Since January 18, 2015

Hymns of Praise: A Devotional Guide to the Hymns of Our Faith

 New Devotional Book 

We are excited to announce the release of
"Hymns of Praise Volume 1:
A Devotional Guide to the Hymns of Our Faith"

By John BJ Hall

Hymns of Praise Vol 1 can be ordered in Regular print, Large Print, and Kindle


It can be ordered on Amazon at by clicking the picture below.
Hymns of Praise: A Devotional Guide to the Hymns of Our Faith

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Passages Ministries is the work of Evangelist BJ Hall. BJ has been in the ministry since 1969. He is a preaching evangelist, worship leader, prayer outreach evangelist, poet, song writer and singer. He believes that the greatest need in our churches and nation today is a new awakening. That awakening will only come as the result of concerted prayer and commitment of the people of God within the church of God.

John 11:11-16 (NASB) 11  This He said, and after that He *said to them, "Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I go, so that I may awaken him out of sleep." 12  The disciples then said to Him, "Lord, if he has fallen asleep, he will recover." 13  Now Jesus had spoken of his death, but they thought that He was speaking of literal sleep. 14  So Jesus then said to them plainly, "Lazarus is dead, 15  and I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, so that you may believe; but let us go to him." 16  Therefore Thomas, who is called Didymus, said to his fellow disciples, "Let us also go, so that we may die with Him."


Awake, Dear Church, Awake

Awake, dear Church, awake. You’ve slumbered far too long.
Now stir yourself and rise, For sleeping is so wrong
While millions walk in sin, A wrestles dying throng.

Awake, dear Church, awake. I bring you this report.
You must rouse to the work If death you are to thwart.
The sun is setting in the west, And working time is short.

Awake, dear Church, awake. Humble your heart today.
Confess your sins, repent. On bended knee now pray,
With fearful, contrite heart. Wake now, do not delay.

Awake, dear Church, awake. There’s nothing now to fear.
And shout with joy the hope, “The groom is coming near.”
For that the word of life, That millions need to hear.

Awake, dear Church, awake. Stir now, renew, revive.
Awake, dear Church, awake, Let the world know you’re alive.
Awake, dear Church, awake. For God’s own Son now strive.

By Evangelist John BJ Hall

BJ is past president of OCOSBE the Oklahoma Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists. Its purpose is to promote renewal and evangelism in the local church, across Oklahoma, throughout our nation, and around the world.  

BJ is the facilitator of Overcomers Outreach, a Christian 12 Step program that meets at Easton Heights Baptist Church, 2901 W Easton St, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The meeting is every Monday evening from 7 pm to 8:30 pm 

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